Meet Fellow Feelings

Hey Guys, I'm Felycia aka Fellow Feelings

Ive always been crafty, and I started this just for fun making things for myself and friends; Just keeping myself busy. Took a shot and posted something I made wondering If anyone would want one too and here I am today. After getting married and moving I was between jobs and started selling what I made to help bring in some income. I soon after got a business license and officially opened Fellow Feelings! I work full time in a dental office as a dental assistant, and run my shop evenings and weekends. 

I run this small business all by myself, from making orders, mailing them, communicating with customers, filing taxes (Gross I know, but when you have a business license you gotta do it) making mock ups and designing everything. I put a lot of energy and love into everything I make. I do my best to make everything in my shop affordable, since I know how much shows can cost as well as life in general. Spread PLUR when you can. 

I do a lot more than what is on my website. Like coffee mugs, shot glasses, birthday banners, shirts, custom iron ons, beach totes, crew neck sweaters, Christmas ornaments tons of stuff so do not hesitate to shoot me a message with any customization request you might have!  Remember guys, Stay Hydrated.