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Because who does not like saving some money and/or getting some free stuff.

FREE MINI DECALS  free 10 pack of promotional kandi decals with any order use discount code KANDI at checkout. Decals are found in the READY TO SHIP collection on my site. Must add decals to cart in order for the discount code to work.


Simply send me a self addressed stamped envelope and I will fill it with a decal or two and send it back to you within 2 days of receiving your letter. Decals sent will be completely random colors, sizes and designs. Write a little note inside if there is a design you specifically want and if I have it Ill send it to ya! If you want an email confirmation of receiving the letter include your contact information on a sticky note/paper within the envelope and I can send you an email stating I got it and its going out in the mail to you. 


SHARE: Share a picture on social media and tag my account for a 10% OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER discount code will be messaged to you, so be sure to tag me! 

REVIEW: Write a review on and get a 20% OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER DISCOUNT CODE will be messaged to you!

NEW CAR: Got a new car and need some decals for it? Send me a photo of your new car via email/insta or facebook and you will receive a discount code for 1 free 4 in decal. Just pay shipping

GOOD STUDENT:  Take a photo/screenshot of your A grade for the semester and send it to my email or on social media. In return for you being an A student you will receive 1 FREE 5 IN DECAL,Just pay shipping. OR $5 off your total purchase. Works for every semester you're in school.